Wednesday, February 1, 2012

15 NEW Facts of my Life

29th birthday drinks at an Elmhurst wine bar...with a fantastic beer list.  Who knew?

  1. I took a proper off season for the first time in 2 years - precipitated by life changing opportunity
  2. Stacey and I now live in Elmhurst, IL just outside of Chicago.  Good bye Franklin, TN 
  3. Elmhurst is an eclectic, small college town with a great vibe, character and a deep tradition and heritage in running - it is a running town through and through
  4. We are the new owners/operators of Fleet Feet Sports Elmhurst - Dreams really do come true
  5. We work A LOT, and when we are not working, we are running, or eating, or sleeping
  6. I am 2 months back into a real training schedule - and feeling good
  7. I wrote an ambitious race schedule for 2012 - taking advantage of many great regional races
  8. I will support BAFF, but not race with them in 2012 - going solo, but  will always be a proud cofounder of the team
  9. There are some great training grounds in Elmhurst, but it doesn't have this -  and I miss it
  10. I have big plans for big races in 2012 - Always ambitious 
  11. Stacey and I couldn't be happier with our new life - but totally miss our dear friends down south
  12. We miss our real family in Cleveland, Ohio even more - the most
  13. We have already met some really great people here in Elmhurst -  it feels like home
  14. We live in the old Ovaltine Chocolate Company Factory, turned urban studio lofts 2008
  15. Even from "the burbs" the big city lights are faster and brighter than we are used to, but so far so good.  It's certainly making the daze that much more unclear...and I like it
  16. Coming soon...

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